Industrial start-up project to replace fossil fuels

Myllykoski Bioethanol “Mbio” - 2nd generation bioethanol plant

50,000 tonnes of second-generation bioethanol, 100,000 tonnes of biolignin and 25m m3 of biogas for transport fuel needs and to replace coal.

Significant regional financial investments, additional income e.g. agriculture and a positive direct and indirect impact on employment.

Targeted research and product development cooperation with universities to increase raw material potential and further processing opportunities for end products. Possibility of revaluation of industrial waste.

A major base for the circular economy is “Mbio”. Bioethanol plant anchor project that enables enhanced circular economy and reuse of infrastructure in Myllykoski as well as further development.

Based on the strengthened RED II Directive. The market for products is growing. The relevant directive is also clear and valid.

Myllykosken Bioetanoli